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Romantic and rainy cannon beach elopement

Romantic and Rainy Cannon Beach Elopement | Portland Elopement Photographer



February 2, 2022


Valerie Savercool


The rain couldn’t stop these two from enjoying their Cannon Beach elopement

The sometimes harsh reality about adventure elopements is that sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. This was very much the case for Muqu and Derrick’s Cannon Beach elopement on the Oregon coast. Our original plan was to spend the early afternoon exploring an epic coastal overlook reminiscent of the coast in Ireland before heading out to a quiet corner of Cannon Beach for an elopement ceremony and a pizza picnic to celebrate at sunset.

Instead, mother nature threw a storm our way. We managed to make it out to our first location safely before the storm intensified, but whew was it windy out there. By the time we made it to 

Cannon Beach, sheets of rain and 30 mph winds meant that after just a few minutes we had to pivot to our backup plan. So we made our way back to the couple’s AirBNB to warm up by the fire and enjoy a beautiful indoor candlelit pizza picnic. It may not have gone the way we intended, but it was a truly wonderful adventure.

Want to plan your own Oregon Coast elopement?

The Logistics: Can you get married on cannon beach?

Yes you can absolutely get married at Cannon Beach! Cannon Beach is an exceptionally popular choice for elopements on the Oregon coast. Cannon Beach is easily accessible from Portland, and the familiar shape of Haystack Rock makes for an iconic background at your elopement. The only downside to eloping at Cannon Beach? It’s iconic for a reason which means that it tends to be a popular area. If you’re looking for some solitude for your elopement, we recommend opting for a sunrise elopement or heading to the north end of the beach, which tends to be a bit less visited.

Cannon beach wedding permit

So long as you have fewer than fifty guests and don’t plan on having any structures (like seating or a ceremony arch) you can elope anywhere on the Oregon Coast without a permit. If you do intend to have seating or a larger party, you can reach out to the office of whichever state park you are planning to get married in to file for a special use permit. For Cannon Beach, you can apply for a special use permit here.

Where to stay for a Cannon Beach elopement | Oregon coast micro wedding

There are so many gorgeous places to stay for an Oregon coast elopement at Cannon Beach. The nearest towns we recommend looking into are Cannon Beach itself, as well as Seaside to the north and Rockaway Beach and Manzanita to the south. Each of the smaller towns are easy driving distance to Cannon Beach, and are also close to other hidden gems along the Oregon Coast like Hug Point. Bonus points: choose a vacation rental with a cozy indoor space in case you need to pivot to an indoor celebration like we did!

Here are a few of our favorite places to stay for elopements:

Stunning Ocean Townhome

Panoramic Ocean Views

Dog Friendly Ocean Views & Hot Tub

Beach House in Manzanita

Oregon coast wedding packages

Ready to plan an epic elopement at the Oregon Coast? We can’t wait to get started helping you. Check out our PNW elopement packages here.

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